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Database of Pinto Colors
below are shown some

1971 Paint Information
paint color name   code     sample  
Black A
Dark Green C
Pinto Yellow D
Pinto Gold E
Pinto Lime I
Pinto Blue J
White M
Pastel Blue N
Medium Green P
Gray Gold S
Grabber Green Z
Medium Bright Yellow 2
Bright Red 3
Medium Brown 5
Bright Blue 6
Light Gold 8

1980 Paint Information
paint color name   code     sample  
Black 1C
Silver 1G
Bright Bittersweet 2G
Medium Red Glow 2H
Light Medium Blue 3F
Bright Blue 3J
Bright Caramel 5T
Bright Yellow 6N
Dark Pine 7M
Dark Chamois 8A
Dark Cordovan 8N
White 9D

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